Created in a government lab, deep within the mining town of Fraggle Rock, Mark was born in a test tube, and nurtured to health by the blood of a Unicorn, the last surviving Unicorn to be exact. After a daring escape, he met a gypsy in the forest who granted him a magical voice, taken from Ursala The Sea Witch’s collection. With it, Mark sings about his redneck past, heartbreak, love, weight loss, and chicken wings.

…but seriously, Mark is an ordinary guy who loves making people laugh, think, and listen. His melodic hooks and sonic sound grab ahold of you and don’t let go. His lyrics are deceptively simple masterpieces, each word pull its weight occasionally smacking with you a dose of reality, or at least a different perspective.

Don’t be fooled by his pop sensibilities, these songs are deep and they come from a place within us all, a universal desire for love, meaning, and acceptance. Give Reasons Why a listen, and uncover for yourself the mystery of Mark G. A simple guy who’s always asking the Reasons Why.

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